Clockwork Brain – Written Monday 29th September 2008 (Aged 33)

Clockwork Brain

i put down on paper –
those things which swim around my head
how she stabbed my past –
and watched silently, as it bled
her clockwork brain
lost its own key deep inside her head
she hope we would be the same
but blood,
does not have to be thicker than water
and when he asked after her –
i saw the look of a man –
who had never known his daughter
and i reminded him that all his children –
are sometimes led to an emotional slaughter
and that we get there under our own steam
it is not what they teach you –
but what you do when you dream
and the questions you ask
however if you were taught
to never every have a thirst for knowledge
or you are scared to be fed
then life will never open up its college
and you will always be easily led

James Garratt – Monday 29th September 2008

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