Failure is a Another Person’s Judgement – Written September 2008 (Aged 33)

Failure is Another Person’s Judgement

they treat me as a failure
my life a failure
my marriage breaking up as failure
in fact, for hope –
it appears, i had not a glimmer
then i realised –
to them, i was just a mirror
i was just reflecting their own failure
and once,
initial offence had passed
and i realised that all the questions –
came without answers,
event though i readily asked
it was then i realised that life was like that
and it would choke, as if it was a clasp
i could not live out their sadness
and all their failure
weighed down by visions of a hurtful past
they could have gotten to know me
but personal judgement has no free pass

James Garratt – September 2008

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