My Social Calendar – Written Tuesday 7th December 1999 (Aged 24)

My Social Calendar

my social calendar is a joke
dreams burn in the garden
i choke on the smoke
relationships still bear no relation –
to any sense of normality
and my ship goes round in a circle
insanity is a formality
it comes at no extra cost
i interview the interviewee
and they seem to lost
in fact, do they really know me
my friends still shine
in a world which feels so bland
well they need all mine
and i long for hands
sometimes they are difficult to find
i have got daytime television
to drive me half insane
all those presenters are inane
i have the newspapers
to help me with the rain
i have always tried to hold on
but sometimes it is already gone

James Garratt – Tuesday 7th December 1999

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