Anonymous Diarist – Written Tuesday 12th May 2020 (Aged 45)

Anonymous Diarist

going back through your life
is like looking through a rubbish tip –
on top of a gem mine
there is a lot of rubbish
with the occasional precious stone to find
you look through the rubbish
all the bits thrown out
all the people who came and went
you are reminded, some were in with a shout
i am not sure,
if it constitutes ‘fun’
because what it left behind
is valued by the ton
you start out at the bottom,
in theory when you were young
not so quiet, screaming out your lungs
i am looking back through my life
looking at innocent pages,
filled with the things i have written
it is an anonymous diarist
courting with freedom and expression
pouring out their personality
and in the process becoming smitten
it is hard,
to remind yourself of those that you hurt
but i continue to dig through
and i continue to hope for precious stones
i peer in gently, and i read my words
following every line and finding the tone

James Garratt – Tuesday 12th May 2020

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  1. You do something I’ve never, ever seen in any stylistic poetry (or prose), which I can only describe as some sort of “cognitive vacuum punctuation”, I suppose?
    You enjamb certain verses and one is given to follow the threat and, suddenly, with some nearly mathematical frequency, you enjamb but shift the thought abruptly. It’s like driving with the fifth gear but failing the reduction and shift to second instead of fourth, and the car sulks and groans. I don’t know, it’s novel to me, and I like it, it really binds the mind to the text.
    Your calligraphy, though, haha; I can’t understand a singular word you write!, but perhaps it is cultural? I’m not entirely certain.
    Regardless, I’ve been really enjoying reading your poetic registry.

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    1. Thank you. you will notice i don’t do uppercase letters – it’s all lowercase, so i rely on the reader to make the shifts when reading i may use a – or a , to aid reading but i don’t write in a particularly technical way. All my writing / poems are about real things / people / events but i use a lot of wordplay – lots of different phrasing – to me, how words sound together is sometimes important than having a meaning. I have developed a style over the years that is true. Where are you from and thank you for the kind comments

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      1. Oh, I can absolutely tell that you have a style of your own. It’s just, within that style. I think all of our expressiveness is about real things, but understand what you meant — non fictive, material reality. And form can, many times, be more important than meaning, since formplay is half of poetry. If pure meaning is what we sought, we’d be writing prose, haha, and not very well either!
        I’m from Portugal, but I’m afraid I’d be the type of poet you wouldn’t like, because I’m not very denotative. But I really, really like your style. I’m glad to have found you!

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      2. I like any poetry that is authentic – i do often read poetry, even poetry that is technically well written that lacks an identity and personality. I want the writing to reflect something of the author. I think sometimes for popularity a lot of people write for an audience, to me, writing, poetry, it has to mean something to you, it has to be a creative process you enjoy. People will always interpret your work different to how you meant it 🙂 That is the joy but first and foremost people should write for themselves. I will check out your poetry 🙂 Thank you for the comments, always really aprpeciated

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