Suddenly We Need Each Other – Written Wednesday 1st April 2020

Suddenly We Need Each Other

suddenly people
have never felt so important
keep them close, keep them close
suddenly it seems to be everything
please value it, please value it
let’s junk
this system where value,
equate to an economic worth
people, community, compassion
just make things work
they tell us, all things
that make us fearful
they do not exist and we must resist
let’s try not to be tearful
lies, so many lies, dispense of the lies
suddenly the normal,
with all its flavours just seems plain exotic
and it feels like everything we wanted
it is deeply adored
maybe it is the small things
or the inconsequential things
that are important
and in fact, they matter the most
especially when we no longer have them
then, then, we see and feel the cost
we need to rejuvenate our values
and learn to value what is lost

James Garratt – Wednesday 1st April 2020

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