Someplace Else to Be – Written Thursday 23rd April 2020 (Aged 45)

Someplace Else to Be

you cannot fix this toy
i can go –
through the motions
make jokes like waves and commotions
we can do the same thing
trade on the same things
but you broke it
and it will not repair
it feels like your reach
has found itself halfway
and despite the shared days
as before –
it does not go all the way
i, sort of play the part
the one where the surface rust
indicates a fumbling heart
you broke the toy
you pulled it apart
conversation now, it does not run deep
where once, our friendship kept me alive
now the hurt longs to send me back to sleep
i see a twinkle in your eye –
and something does glisten
but you threw it out of the car
when you decided to be more driven
it is not that i do not love you –
as someone who means –
the world to me
but you broke the toy
and you have clearly decided –
that you have someplace else to be

James Garratt – Thursday 23rd April 2020

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