I know that we are judgedNot on the path on which we have trudgedOr when we had to fight all … More

Slow Heartache

seeing through peopleis rarely funin truth;you never get much doneand I rememberthose days when I was youngand how I threw … More

Set Sail

seeing you;looking so hurtso lost and so very frailit breaks my heartto watch such darkness prevailfor hope to to failbut … More

Electronic Wonderland

they do not know youand you have the perfect arenain which you can hold a daily paradeno one knows youyou … More


All I ever wanted is sorryNot one said;Because you feel you shouldBut one that is meantAnd for a while I … More

I Remember You

i remember youdo you remember me?with my puppy lovewe fitted like a glovebut it was never enoughi remember youyou were … More

I am Here Again

i am here againand my feelings are the drapesto the living roomin which I find myself ini watched for snakesand … More

Stop the Crying

I took up cryingTo get through my birthThen again at six and nineWhen destinations of happinessBecame impossible to findAnd then … More