Moments Which Gather Speed – Written April 2022

Moments Which Gather Speed

i think it is the realisation
or the idea
that time itself
is so wide and far
and it passes by in a flash
with your youth still ordering at the bar
because there is a point
or there are moments
which seriously gather speed
but the space of your youthful palace
quickly ups and leaves
change of course
gives edges
to events on slow cook
each chapter is not really a chapter
but somehow it is still a book
and i think the realisation
or the idea
that everything feels so far away
and that you’ve been a million different people
on a thousand different days
makes everything feel so far away
we are always swimming in change
this is the life you lead
and as you crouch down in later life
wondering how it is
that time can place such a charge
especially as you contemplate mortality
with your youth propping up some forgotten bar

James Garratt – April 2022

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