Angry White Man – Written June 2017 (Aged 42)

Angry White Man

the white man thinks –
only talent can propel
there is no acknowledgement
that skin colour –
passes the tests –
before they are taken
and answers the interview questions
before they are spoken

a bomber –
varies, depending on cited faith
if they are white –
they are, ‘mentally ill’, and it is a waste
and if they mention a religious fight
they can only be consumed by hate

here we are then –
the white man complaining
that his, ‘story’, is not recognised
yet they do it without recognising their colour
or what it brings
their batting average –
insanity impaired
their achievements
achieved with the odds stacked in their favour
even jesus christ is depicted as a white saviour

and when the white man loses,
then he calls out and he shouts
blames those, ‘vicious feminists’ –
with their perceived clout
then he blames –
immigration and that imagined political correctness
yet, never once recognising their failures

James Garratt – June 2017

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