Here is My Day – Written June 2017 (Aged 42)

Here is My Day

here is my day
i spend hours
working hard on my presentation
and wondering
about the way it comes across
well i am tired of the knot
who is not anxious
and clocking onto anxiety
who is not trying to stop the colours run –
on their reality
trying to fill out forms
like you have just been born
left wondering who you are
trying to make sure,
middle age is meaningful
and not just a number of scars
trying to be discreet
hunting around,
trying to gather respect
and here is me
aches and pains from my memory
a salad lunch,
garnished my reality
every clock gets louder
so sit here and wonder
every cloud just gets closer
so i sit here and wonder out lead
stuck in my heat
when the beast of my day has much less left

James Garratt – June 2017

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