You Are What You Read – Written Wednesday 19th July 2017 (Aged 42)

You Are What You Read

it is not that the world is occupied –
by liars
but you are what you read
it is confirmation bias
we read stories –
that confirm who we are
that is,
the confirmation bias
social media is all around us
and it grabs you by the hands
so we read,
and what we read becomes who we are
is that so hard to understand?

we reinforce the narrative
the story that we would like to write
we romanticise and idealise
and redecorate our plight
it is the confirmation bias
it makes self evaluation dangerous
and impartiality null and void
by this token,
i am sure you will not be buoyed
and if you thought that they cared
then you will be deeply annoyed
none of us are spared
because we are what we read
we confirm who we are each time
that is the nature of confirmation bias

James Garratt – Wednesday 19th July 2017

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