She Is The One – Written Monday 24th July 2017 (Aged 42)

She Is The One

she is the phone call in the middle of the night
when you have to get in the car –
and just drive
she is the one with the ex partner
who is, ‘not quite right’
the one who does not make a poor choice
because as you are told, it is just life…
she is the collection of problems
that always seem to follow them around
and i do, i do remember those days –
with a heavy heart
taking on multiple roles
as they quite effectively tore you apart
somehow you except your failings
and then, you are collection of faults
but how is it, that when i looked
it is the same story kept in the vaults
she is the apologies –
that turn to anger
when you, ‘up and leave’
when you have let everyone down
and you no longer believe
so let me just grab my duvet –
and of course, for your goodness,
i can vouch
i will just get in the car and we can talk
then i will sleep on the couch
but then, it is all the same
it is never a pretty picture
and the problems are always in the frame
i remember those phone calls with sadness
i remember such universal pain
i remember those days, with a touch of shame

james Garratt – Monday 24th July 2017

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