Taxi Queue – Written July 2017 (aged 42)

Taxi Queue

you met someone
and went on to do other things
days gone by
days in the bin
you told me once, thank you,
thank you for just being you
but i never found out what that meant
i remember,
standing in a taxi queue
and i wondered,
what could i ever do
once upon a time felt so far away
i was bankrupt when it came to decency
and i had nothing of credit to say
but you found someone else
someone for whom,
life made sense
and our lives went separate ways
i remember the night in the pub
and you said, i had been so funny
and you said you had both,
never laughed so much
they were difficult days
but it was good to be in touch
do you remember the bar on the corner
sitting there,
whilst my ex wife sent me texts
in a much less cliched way i wish you happiness
and i forever sorry that i was such mess

James Garratt – July 2017

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