Rejection – Written December 2000 (Aged 25)


your rejection,
it hurt more than his
his made me think
but i did not face him
he just turned to drink

your rejection,
was worse than hers
hers left me cold
but i know of her past
and it is hard for her to hold

your rejection,
has hit me hard
even a stupid life
needs steady parts
i am fighting a mountain of hurt
but i cannot cram all this –
into a tiny cupboard under the stairs
the door just will not close
i guess i really do care

your rejection,
has hit me hard
rubbishing everything i am
it is the best for you
but who is holding my hand?

James Garratt – December 2000

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      1. Thank you – that’s very kind – i really appreciate that comment. i am not sure everyone who reads my stuff understands the whole archiving rationale. I know, i feel really fortunate to have saved all these pads and writing – i am very fortunate 🙂 Hope you are keeping safe and well 🙂

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