Part Timer – Written Sunday 22nd June 1997 (Aged 22)

Part Timer

i cannot believe it
a couple of months out of sight
a couple of days and nights
and you want to see me
do the thing we always do –
when we’ve had too much wine
you say how much you need me
and that you want to see me again
so, we arrange a date
but mysteriously you are working
it appears you have got what you want
you only want it when it suits you
you complain,
and say that you are confused
but i am out of sight
because i do not want to be used
you should try feeling like i do
why do you do it to me?
it was hard enough the first time
and much worse by the third
i am stupid,
for even agreeing to see you
but these feelings do not die easily
no matter how much common sense prevails
i cannot believe it
why do i keep on going back
in the end it just leaves me feeling down
and truly i do, i need someone good around
not you, you are just a part timer

James Garratt – Sunday 2nd June 1997

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