Finger Pointing – Written Thursday 1st December 2016 (Aged 41)

Finger Pointing

another day, another article
asking, who is to blame
right wing populism
is the current refrain
and, how did we get –
to find ourselves in this place
endless commentators
with endless column space
another debate,
another pointed finger
liberals, left, right, identity politics
the candidates are endless
without ever coming to a truth
we are to blame,
if we consider a decisive
and divided society –
to be a problem
being on the ‘right’ is no solution
just as the moral high horse –
of the left,
does not bring them an answer
we can shout now at each other
and try to fight over the corpse
but the blame seems almost irrelevant
this is where we are of course

James Garratt – Thursday 1st December 2016

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      1. Hopefully 🙂 We have lots of power as individuals and i think its paramount we live kind lives and expect we are not perfect but we can do good – there is power in unity 🙂

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