I Love You – Written Monday 3rd April 2006 (Aged 31)

I Love You

i love you
but your anger
and frustration at the work
leaves me helpless
i cannot seem to make the world
that you want
and seemingly expect to live in

i love you
but what can i do as one human being
i can only make our world right
and even that,
does not seem to be enough
from the moment you wake up
there seems to be this anger

i love you
but i have become frustrated
i realise that ultimately there is nothing i can do
and i am sorry,
that i seem somehow content
it is just a realisation
that the world is often busted and bent
but one thing remains for me
i love you

James Garratt – Monday 3rd April 2006

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  1. So beautifully penned with traces of sadness. The world too often is broken and the pain it can cause is unimaginable. You communicate that clearly and evocatively throughout your piece. Very honest writing.

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