Two Day Week – Written Monday 3rd April 3006 (Aged 31)

Two Day Week

i will let them –
get back to their two day week
where they sit and work
and indulge in their fantasy world
i tried to convince them
because once i cared
but they did not listen
so eventually care ran out
and now i could not care less
so it is back it is back to working –
for two days a week
they can think what they like
they do not care what i think
or even if it is wrong or right
they can sit there
on their internet forum
telling people they have not met
exactly what i am meant to be
that is their two day working week
i will let them –
go back to this sad existence
and sadder still
they will perhaps notice i am not there
and sadly have any idea of what is real

James Garratt – Monday 3rd April 2006

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