Where Do I Find Care From? (Originally Untitled) – Written Thursday 1st December 2016 (Aged 41)

Where Do I Find Care From?

i am hopeful,
but, well,
i am really not sure
but if voters,
think a wealthy white man
who wealth has been accumulated –
at the expense of others
and a man,
who openly brags about sexual assault
is just fine,
then where do i find care from?
in these, strangest of times
it all needs to roll down the hill
perhaps, sadly,
for people, the consequences need to be real
have never felt in my life,
a time,
when more is at stake
when the fragility of us –
feels most likely to break
for us and by us, and i do mean all of us

James Garratt – Thursday 1st December 2016

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