Intellectual Looters – Written November 2011 (Aged 36)

Intellectual Looters

i do not need conspiracy theories
nothing has surprised me
and in your solo booth
i am not convinced
that you have the truth
to me, you are intellectual looters
you call yourself, ‘truthers’
but you do not know my truth
or the truth i believe
you cannot speak for me
i do not need your home made dvd’s
why not tell me the truth about yourself
your loves and your cares
the love you stowed away
which you are desperate to share
tell me about the society that you hate
one that has your vip pass
but you turned up late
and did anyone ask
say hello, say, boy, how are you
and you all need to know
that your truth is just internal
and all your outward truther show
is just the fake external

James Garratt – November 2011

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