Freak Show

Freak Show

i am trying –
but I am here dying for a chance
i want to dance but it is hurting me
i wish I had the ability for every trick
it makes me sick, wish i had some magic
so i could stop being so tragic and change
so i am not to blame for this situation
with trepidation i start to walk
i see a face and i talk and notice an aura
which makes them seem taller, but i stay still
i know that they know i feel, so i just look
they can read me like a book if they like
but my soul is just as much of a fright, to them
they invade dreams, but i do not care
if i get scared, i will walk away
and I id yesterday, not impressed
by fake magicians, falsely dressed, i left
they try their best, but try too hard
only the weak of heart fall for their magic
i woner why i thought it was tragic, i do not know
i had to go, but got one last drink
left that, and started to think
the freak show on the brink of sanity
people in their own reality, but not really there
a little growth of the hair, and metal through the lip
is that it? does that make you different
glad i went, wanted to go
i felt normal, in that freak show
they all tried hard to be different
but ended up all being the same

James Garratt – August 1995

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