When Paper Cups Were Connected by Simple String – Written Thursday 14th September 2020 (Aged 42)

When Paper Cups Were Connected by Simple String

we chew over the fat
and pick over the carcass
feasting on the bones
we pick on the rest and we push
and never quite leave it alone
the social media funfair
where the rides never stop
it is hateful to delete
it is snub when when you block
and we discuss and dissect
and discuss some more
everyone wants the lighting rig
but we never move forward
the menu has plenty,
but the debate after debate after debate
it leaves you hungry and empty
and with no room for dessert
what does this mean
what does this say about us
let it be me, let it be them
it is never really us
and we carry on,
it is an indulgence and a bore
the worst traits of the modern world
it is how we have all become self absorbed
here we go again
another social discussion
what does it all mean
give me the days of paper cups
when they were connected by simple string

James Garratt – Thursday 14th September 2017

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