They Don’t Drink Martini – Written Monday 13th October 1997 (Aged 22)

They Don’t Drink Martini

they don’t drink martini
gin, vodka or even coke
they’re never caught swearing
or telling a risqué joke
and look at they’re wearing
it’s staid and its bare,
they don’t drink martini
they don’t fit in easily
they don’t, ‘get off their face’
laugh with their friends
when they wake up in a foreign place
they don’t eat crisps
after there are too many additives
and why breathe in the air
if they are so concerned
about pollution being everywhere
everything they have learned
is from just one book
they don’t drink martini
only at push some wine
and no so easily
living life with a one way mind

James Garratt – Monday 13th October 1997

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