Bless The World – Written Between February and June 1995 (Aged 20)

Bless the World

bless me, bless the things
that make you, well, you
bless everything that does live
what more can i do
bless those who forgive
bless us for, well, being us
bless everyone,
who looks towards the future
bless those who do it,
riding a routemaster bus
bless everyone who knows what it is
just to be alive and to make life –
a more enchanted form of bliss
bless those,
who still swim in the english sea
bless their frozen toes
bless those who live quite happily
and bless those who still believe –
in the things that happen today –
who still worry about disease
and finding all the cures
bless everything,
especially the unknown future
bless the plants that grow tall
bless you and me, bless the world
bless dreams, whether they be big or small

James Garratt – February to June 1995

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