System Failure – Written December 2008 (Aged 33)

System Failure

they say, ‘social services have failed again’
of course, i am biased –
but of course –
the actual failure –
is far greater
because we live in a society –
that happily mocks the so called ‘underclass’
because they are the backbone –
of so called, ‘comedy’
in a way only designed to make us feel better
yet, when they start finding children under beds –
families with no opportunities
and living in poverty
complete with dysfunctional lives –
peeping out from the television screen –
or when we see their faces in the papers
people quickly recoil in horror
because suddenly it is too close to home
it is an underbelly of society
and they do not want to see it or know about it
so they blame, ‘social services’,
it only exists because they have failed completely
let’s pretend that society is not a collective
as if the ability to take part and effect change
is somehow elective
because the truth of our failing systems
means people can become readily selective

James Garratt – December 2008

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