The Sexualisation of Children – Written December 2008 (Aged 33)

The Sexualisation of Children

we scream in horror at, ‘paedophiles’
we drink up the tabloids
with their headlines of, ‘paedo’
yet this is the same society
that continues to sexualise children
we expect girls –
to dance –
and sell us a sexual fantasy
but they are just young girls
young children going through puberty
we expect them to –
wear tiny tops –
with word upon them like, ‘goddess’,
‘you want me’,
and, ‘babe’ –
or with little cherries on
we stroll through department stores
as if this is a norm
society grooms children
and then industries join in
music, media, fashion
strangely, they all forgot they are children
so we scream in horror at paedophiles
yet society happily sexualises children
do you not find vile?

James Garratt – December 2008

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