Hoping, Seeking, Searching – Written Monday 24th November 2008 (Aged 33)

Hoping, Seeking, Searching

i looked at their life
replacing what is lost
building up that security
and creating that perfect life
when we are over,
then she will play dutiful wife
the generation told –
that they could have it all
they bought that wholesale
from the impossible stall
i looked at their life
filling it with traditional things
hoping, seeking, searching
looking for security
and all the things it could bring
never questioning
the rain that falls in the backyard
even when –
it crashes and smashes –
against the windows
never wanting to hear the sound
i looked at their life
how easily we are all replaced
cardboard cut outs or stencils
we become something to trace

James Garratt – Monday 24th November 2008

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