Colour – Written Thursday 27th May 1999 (Aged 24)


the world is grey
that is how people paint it
people make it
and sometimes you mourn
for the people who take it
as for me,
i am still thinking about the past
as i lie still,
ensconced within my belief

the world is grey
well, that is how i painted it
and i watch the colour freely run
because someone i once adored
came to my world
and i treated them as my personal church
they put in windows of pure stain glass
but, we both ended up hurt
sometimes things clearly do not last

the world was grey
but it was they who made the day
and truth be told,
they made it, ‘okay’
and we both painted it
then we both decided to make it
and then, we both took it
and watched the colour freely run

James Garratt – Thursday 27th May 1999

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