Job Interviews Galore – Written May 1999 (Aged 24)

Job Interviews Galore

would you like to give me a go
did you know,
i am still in a box
waiting to unwrapped
and although,
i may appear to be second hand
i would hope,
that you understand
would you help me out of this hole?
i have been to many interviews
and sat in front of many desks
and i have listened to expensive wisdom
that i know was bought cheap
i have been advised not to become cynical
and not to get downbeat
as they recline,
sat there in their managers seat
would they take a chance
i am sure i have talents to show
and ideas to share
i am so eager to learn
but i am always turned away
would you believe in me
would you, would you stop and think

James Garratt – May 1999

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