I Was Married Once – March 2011

I Was Married Once

do i think about my ex wife
getting remarried…
memories are just that
that is now, that is how life is carried
a carriage of the past
a dream of ferris wheels
that could never last
a race already run
one that could not last the course
a new tick box on forms,
one marked, ‘divorce’
someone else making her happy
if he does…
and if she truly is,
then that has to be enough
but happiness for me
is not married no the word, ‘pretend’
and unhappiness cannot be altered
of just made to blend
do i think about my ex wife
get remarried?
to someone else so completely
no, not really but then i –
found it hard to imagine her and me
it seems so distant
and it feels like another reality

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James Garratt – March 2011

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