Poor, Poor Society – Wednesday 11th September 2019 (Aged 44)

Poor, Poor Society

poor, poor society
i saw it weeping
for the lost of compassion
and i know it had trouble sleeping
poor, poor society
as kindness, chucked in a skip
i saw it hunched up in a corner
its eyes, barely lit
poor, poor society
crying its heart out
for what could have been
a place of understanding
and a place of softer landings
what has happened –
to this country
post second world war
i saw society cry –
as the state demonised the ‘poor’
i saw society acknowledge all the sadness
that had its wicked way
poor, poor society
because i saw it weeping
compassion and kindness
leaking then seeping
poor, poor society
drowning in a deluge of negative feeling

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James Garratt – Wednesday 11th September 2019

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