Back To The Town – Written Tuesday 17th October 2000 (Aged 25)

Back To The Town

back to the town
it closes at two
just me and you
back to the town
its victorian limb
stretches out,
and paddles in the estuary
back to the town
the dome is all alone
the flats and house surround
it is back to postcards
because they knocked it all down
back to the town
they pulled down the buildings
that made this town great
they know it was a mistake
they it is too late
back to the town
its water line can be harsh
sometimes the small ripples,
look like a frown
and the arcade clown still laughs
and we try to live up to our past
but now it’s just a distant sound
walk down older streets
back to the town

James Garratt – Tuesday 17th October 2000

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