The Stepmother Auditions – Written Sunday 26th January 2020 (Aged 44)

The Stepmother Auditions

all these women,
have occupied his life
even became, ‘the wife’
and they were all damaged,
dangerous to the touch
they all inflicted this on others,
often, it was too much
they all came from,
a background of trauma,
you know, ‘the good old days’ –
of abuse and stunted emotions
and carpets,
with every secret swept under them
they were all a mess
and with damaged self respect
in and out of his bed,
with dubious attitudes towards sex
even now,
in death,
they continue to mill around, some in daylight
and some in the shadows
pulling us into their damaged worlds
we walk across their minefields,
we carefully try to step over tripwire
all these women,
now, some it seems, will occupy my life
as i find myself knee deep in death
trying to find guiding lights
and i resolve to sort out what he has left

James Garratt – Sunday January 2020

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