It Is All Too Intense (Originally Untitled) – Written Saturday 8th April 2006 (Aged 31)

It Is All Too Intense

it was not a case
of distraction when you phone
nor was it another obsession
it was the intense pressure
with you over analysing
with every single phone call
counting how many times
i had phoned
but over disecting what they meant
and then count,
how long we had spent on the phone
that is why i got annoyed
it was all to intense
i am sorry that you have
not had enough relationships
of any kind in your life
to understand this
and it is not like you have done anything wrong
you just needed to understand
personal space and boundaries
it was not that complicated
it is just about learning from each other
not only it is a shame
that you could not do that
but also you were not honest enough
to admit it to yourself
it seems to sum up your life
you know you could have come off the shelf

James Garratt – Saturday 7th April 2006

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