Jesters and Jugglers – Written Friday 18th July 2008 (Aged 33)

Jesters and Jugglers

what kind of parenting
passed the buck
says, this what i think…
shrugs its shoulders and says, ‘good luck’
what kind of society
makes children feel disconnected
so hateful to be alive
poverty and deprivation we ignore
so they strike out with knives
what kind of world
celebrates the mediocre
and treats them like freaks
the dam of self respect
has certainly sprung a leak
it is a world
of mixed up values
where we value very little at all
it seems it is run by jesters and jugglers
and the king’s favourite fool
the values expressed
by the so called clean and decent
are no more than surface gloss
underneath the emptiness creeps
and for all hope, they secretly mourn its loss

James Garratt – Friday 18th July 2008

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