You Lost Me (Originally Untitled) – Written Monday 15th May 2006 (Aged 31)

You Lost Me

i will be honest
once you insisted i had ‘autism’
or a form of…
once i had asked you to listen
but you did not
once i had explained
but you did not listen
the relationship was already sinking
your self diagnosis,
left me cold
i will be honest
once i found out you were on an internet forum
dissecting intimate details
with strangers on the net
telling people i had, ‘autism’
well the relationship felt easier to forget
your unshakable belief
despite destroying everything, carried on
i will be honest
a big part of me had already gone
once i found out
your were messaging people
that i might talk to
with tall tales of my awfulness
and lies about me
i will be honest, i just felt pity
it was over and i only had a desire to be free

James Garratt – Monday 15th May 2006

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