Strangled By Youthful Assumptions – Written November 2006 (Aged 31)

Strangled By Youthful Assumptions

when they broke me
why did they not fix me properly
he was so good with his hands
i just do not understand
i remember the garden
and the endless search for hands
how could i ever,
be expected to be their kind of man?

when they broke me
why did they,
not put me back together?
now i cannot function
derailed as i am at the crucial junction
confusion and illusion
strangled by youthful assumptions
i remember it all
just like yesterday

when they broke me
and then,
when they happily sold me
to that circus of broken shards
into which i was not actually born
yet here i am,
expected to constantly perform
in arena’s of such madness
where my audience enticing act
is one of soul defying sadness

James Garratt – November 2006

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