Starting Out – Written November 2006 (Aged 31)

Starting Out

when people are young
when people are starting out
what they need least of all
is people judging them
people make mistakes
especially when you are young
it is easy to get carried away
and sometimes forget the brakes
you can lose sense and reason
do not realise the consequence of fate
when people are young
they are often so scared
the last thing they need is judgment
based on how they look or what they wear
they do not need the judgement of the world
reminding them of their fear
that is dark and cold
and have you forgotten being young?
now that you are old
when people are young
people do make mistakes
they do not need narrow mindedness
have we in fact all forgotten
the feelings that we once had
to do this, to judge and condemn
to me, it all feels so, so sad

James Garratt – 2006

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