In My Arms – Written Between February and June 1995 (Aged 20)

In My Arms

into my arms you fell
taking me back
taking me far away
put me away
inside your mind
where i can hide
like a rat,
in the city sewers
the eyes in the dark
give me the coldest shivers
with serpent eyes
and snake tongued lies
in the shifting limelight
there are no lies
just remember,
they say you are a bitch
with your old fashioned purse
and those victorian coffers,
do not seem so rich
so you had better hide,
in my arms
you said you were going to get her
now i am hiding her away
just in case of jack the ripper
coming to slay
in your arms
it was the dream that died
i saw past life experiences
and so many lost expectations
should have remembered,
all those situations

James Garratt – February to June 1995

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