Devon Rain – Written November 2013 (Aged 38)

Devon Rain

i love the devon rain
it is constant,
and it falls with a sudden rush
it takes the landscape
and paints it with the greenest brush
it falls almost without reason
sun or no sun,
no matter what the season
and as it falls,
sometimes you think,
will this ever end?
but over time you see it as a companion
a constant friend
it is almost as if,
the rain itself belongs to devon
as if,
it is as devon as cream teas
thatched cottages, villages
and beaches that almost take your very being
because the rain here is not an interloper
or a heartbreaker,
it is a giver, not a stealer or taker
and as much enjoy the warmth
devon rain, is, in its own way, so beautiful
and, when it dispenses of its green brush
it will paint a rainbow
here, in devon, nature never feels like a strain
i do love the devon rain

James Garratt – November 2013

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