Love Is Not Unconditional – Written Sunday 28th March 2004 (Aged 29)

Love Is Not Unconditional

love is not unconditional
no matter what people say
love can even be unintentional
but there is always a price to pay
and when you pull up,
at life’s toll booth
it will not be hugs all round
you will be asked for payment
and you will be searching for that pound
love comes with expectation
and is that same thing,
which always lets you drown
you may get the helping hand
but remember, you were just about to drown
love is not unconditional
love is an emotion,
and emotions are never never simple
they may well dazzle you
and yes, love, love can be magical
but it is just not true
love is not unconditional
never, not for me, not for you

James Garratt – Sunday 28th March 2004

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