System Problem Not a People Problem – Written Tuesday 25th January 2021 (Aged 45)

System Problem Not a People Problem

society is based on compromise
but who compromises,
and what do they compromise about

society is based upon oppression
but who would willingingly choose –
to be one of the oppressed
and discrimination,
is repackaged social norms
who would choose to be discriminated against

the systems and the rules
exposed as fools and failures
what does it mean
all our bullshit pomp and regalia

systems fail people
but the greatest trick ever
is how people have been lulled –
into believing that individuals must be to blame
it is them,
and never the game

but our systems cause poverty
and societal structures easily fail
poverty i systemic not individual
society is based upon a compromise
why should the disenfranchised
choose somehow, to compromise

James Garratt – Tuesday 25th January 2021

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