Boy and Girl – Written Tuesday 28th November 1994 (Aged 19)

Boy and Girl

pauline is a girl
who has made it good in the world
but there are secrets
she will not tell
still, her mother washes her clothes
whilst pauline is on the phone
only she knows why
and her boyfriend saw her last night
and they fought for the first time
he said there is never a right time
and she said, do this
and somehow, you will always be mine
they are going to make it
they are going to take it
they are just a boy and a girl
both trying not to be cruel
in such a cruel world
both trying to keep it together
and trying not to spill tears
haven’t you seen them together?
saturday morning, walking around the town
holding hands and looking around
after all, clichés do not just live in the mind
they are real,
and they are, just a boy and a girl
do you know how they feel?

James Garratt – Tuesday 28th November 1994

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