Ignorance Examination – Written Monday 3rd May 2021 (Aged 46)

Ignorance Examination

people object to new ways of thinking
to new ways of speaking
and a different usage of words
pronouns, nouns and verbs
as if the world has stood still
and this, ‘modernity’, is absurd
as if they never had to learn –
change or adapt
as if their world was set in stone
and they knew all the facts
when did they learn
and when did they stop learning
did they stop because they knew
all that they needed to know
so when did knowledge stop
and when did they fail to grow
but of course, their world has not changed
they just got rearranged
time and time again
the privilege of their colour
the privilege of men
and privilege exists as a form of power
which must always be challenged
the truth is, it is not actually the change
more that their ignorance is being examined

James Garratt – Monday 3rd May 2021

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