Treading Water – Written Friday 26th September 2008 (Aged 33)

Treading Water

in a year –
i have turned my life on its head
those, ‘established things’,
i left them for dead…
how many relationships –
simply tread water
how many people actually have the courage
to stand up and ask questions
no, i am not a hero
but let us be honest
none of us are warmed by a zero

i have opted out of treading water
instead, i have chosen open seas
and i admit it, it scared me half to death
the idea, that i have to face me
but then, suddenly, i do feel alive
and for once my opinions run free
so many people claim their relationship is great
they do it with a self confessed perfection
so why is it that they look bored
their wheels so buckled and lacking any direction

James Garratt – Friday 26th September 2008

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