Always Forever (I Am Sure I Will) – Written Wednesday 22nd February 1995 (Aged 19)

Always Forever (I Am Sure I Will)

you should know what it means to me
but feelings are something –
that unfortunately you cannot see
sometimes they mean nothing
sometimes they mean everything
nothing can ever stop us
just being where we want
together, we will get away
to the best parts of our minds
i get a guilty feeling sometimes
because i feel so much
friends should think they have made it well
but when they are female
and you want to touch then it can be hell
but still, you have to care
they can make you feel so good about yourself
and when they are always there
you have got to believe
i want to be with you
but my friends are going elsewhere
i wish i could be there
and yet, in a way, i am glad i am not
i might attempt something stupid
believing that i am being talked too –
by a lovelorn cupid
and i would not want to hurt you
just believe me when i say it
i will always have something to share
i will always be there
always forever, i am sure i will
i know it is real
because it is exactly how i feel

James Garratt – Wednesday 22nd February 1995

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