The Company You Keep – Written Friday 4th March 2016 (Aged 41)

The Company You Keep

your values define you
what you feel is, ‘acceptable’
seeps through you
and sets the level,
of what to expect
and the complete lack of self esteem
means there is not much that’s, ‘best’
yet people never question this
they do not see themselves
or they do not value themselves
the friends you keep
the relationships you make
they are who you are
there is no dressing up
that disguises the morally bankrupt
no, they not a character,
no, they are not, ‘a laugh’
corrupt is corrupt
yet a second best existence
placing value on people
who are clearly no good
well, sadly, for many that it is, ‘okay’
you can define someone
by the company they keep
you can know their moral compass
and you can understand their beat
yet people do not see it
and seemingly they never aspire
to anything beyond struggling in ignorance

James Garratt – Friday 4th March 2016

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