Old and New

Old and New

i believe that you believe it yourself
but when it comes down to it
i am not sure i do myself
then i guess it is a balance
you have got people living in the past
trying to preach the old ways
death to the new ways
then you have got people preaching the future
death to the old ways
you can drop the fantasy and romance
the past is long dead, everyone knows
you can never really bring back the dead
but the future is no so great
it is not all it is cracked up to be
sometimes it comes unstuck,
it is made with bad glue
the best answer is to get a combination of the two
that combination, old and new
to achieve anything we need the best of both
to get the balance right
no one is right and no one is wrong
to appreciate the highs,
first you must experience the lows
you must have experienced both
that is the way it goes
you cannot recreate a mystical past
but in some ways we cannot look towards –
the future – without showing it a little respect
and vice-versa –
it is the only thing to do, i used old and new

James Garratt – July 1995

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