I Am the Enemy

I Am the Enemy

i am the enemy
for those other men
they see me
as an educated liberal
they want me to be ashamed
because they see me
as mainstream
i have not seen their truths
because my curiosity is quashed
to those men
i am brainwashed
they sneer at me
if i speak up
i am showing off
ir displaying righteous indignation
i am the aggressor
if i challenge
and the oppressor
if i suggest my job
there is no salvage
for any of these men
we are undo by their,
pseudo intellectualism
with chips upon their shoulders
and conspiratorial science
kept in their virtual folders
i am the enemy
the state sponsored agent
but i am not, i am me
and i stand on my own two feet
let’s hope, one day,
honestly we get to meet

James Garratt – May 2018

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