Behave like Deluded Sheep – Written Monday 18th January 2021 (Aged 45)

Behave like Deluded Sheep

they do not want –
to speak truth to power
they doff their cap
and believe what they read
because it suits their needs
and maybe,
it will stop the emotional –
self responsibility?
well they have no need
they are happy –
to have their lines written for them
and despite –
been the bastions of freedom
and the lords of free speech
they are happiest,
when they are behaving like sheep
and they know,
their faith will never take a leap
read their comments,
and then start to weep
they do not want to think on their own
that life is too much stress
and they believe despite it all
that life will be golden now we have left

James Garratt – Monday 18th January 2021

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